Hi, I’m Devon. I love to write and I hope you will read my future posts and follow my journey.  For almost 20 years I’ve suffered from a few autoimmune disorders. Since I was 13 years old, I’ve been in and out of the hospital. However, my story doesn’t begin or end with my illnesses. I hope to share my stories and make a few friends along the way. Life is so much more than floating aimlessly in the sea; it is magical, exciting, and sometimes frightening journey. I made a promise to myself and plan to follow through: I will live in the sunlight, dance in the delight, and leave the darkness behind me.




Book Profile: Color Me Calm

color-calm_0000_layer-3Coloring isn’t just for the young and free anymore, over the last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at a childhood past time of coloring. While taking a break from reading, I wanted to do something to calm my mind until the book I want is available at my local library again.  I have been overwhelmingly happy and “calm”…wink, wink. Color Me Calm: A Zen Coloring Book is the coloring book for adults.color-calm_0001_layer-1 As children we are encouraged and at times forced to exercise our creative mind but as we get older life can get in the way with jobs, family, and other responsibilities pushing those activities away. Many times children are no longer practicing any artful activities by age 12. Over the last few weeks my family and I have relocated and during that time I’ve started a few DIY home projects to save money and I’ve completely fallen in love with the creative world again, not as an observer but a contributor. I’ve found a new vigor and Color Me Calm allows me to exercise my creative muscle even when I’m not heavily involved in a home or fashion project. I highly recommend spending the $12 and investing in a few colored pencils, this will change your life for the better. I purchased mine from Joann’s Fabrics, however you can find it many major book retailers and online stores.




Ramen De Jour

Ramen1The favorite of college students and just about anyone with a microwave. Ramen is the Japanese noodle soup that has become an American food staple. The last few years have finally brought these two cultures of food together. The noodle may have been created by the Chinese but their coastal neighbors have perfected and elevated the noodle to a heavenly status. In today’s world of short attention spans, Ramen is making a cultural comeback in the States and gaining popularity outside of the 15 cent cartons in the local supermarket. It appears people are craving more than something quick; they are valuing the history and love of  true food artistry. Throughout major cities across the United States food trucks, pop up ramenbltstores, and restaurants are serving traditional and hybrid versions of Ramen. While at the same time reminding us of what true American cuisine can be; which is the fusion of different cultures and tastes that push the boundaries and rules out of the cookbook.



Live life in the sunshine and have a delightful life

Scars & Filters


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Some days are difficult and yet I have grown to love and accept myself. However, I have days when I look at myself in the mirror and I can see the battle scars from the years of emotional and mental battles that have taken there toll. I see them in my eyes, skin, hands, legs, and entire body. My health conditions have not done me any favors when it comes to repairing myself and my longer battles have created deeper, permanent reminders of my journey.

When I look in the mirror there are no filters. There is no hiding from my life story, it is written all over my body and mind. From my many surgical scars, weight gain, stretch marks, tiredness, depression, as well as other setbacks, however I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t “filter” my life away, slowly removing the blemishes and hiding the scars while telling the world I’m a ashamed of my life and by proxy myself. There is no filter for this life and I shouldn’t falsify myself to be included in the faux game of life.

I am beautiful, not in spite of my scars but because of them. Everyone has a journey and those journeys should be celebrated not diminished. We are all products of hard work, love, pain, and happiness. Devaluing the pain can only lead to overvaluing the good and that balance can never be sustained. We aren’t meant to live in our struggles and we aren’t meant to hid them. The beauty of a storm is being able to grow, change, and later enjoy the sunlight after the rain.



Live in the sunshine and have a delightful life


For the dreamers…

I am a dreamer. At a young age, I realized this world is made for dreamers. When I look at the beautiful sky, breathtaking rolling hills, and vast waterways which emcompass this planet I am always overwhelmed with joy and brought back to my soul. Unfortunately, I am well aware people can simultaneously uplift and destroy the optimism and hope which comes from being a dreamer. The beauty of this world is the diversity of people and personalities; and as writers we must continue to hold on to our dreams. While it is seducative to believe sameness and stagnation is safe, it also can be dangerous and counterintuitive to our souls. Always look to the sky and if you can’t see it, look to the hills. Never stop dreaming, love yourself, live with an open heart and always allow your soul to be free.



Live in the sunshine and have a delightful life.

Thank you

The last few years of my life have been tough, however I’ve always seen the light at the end of this current journey. I want to send a sincere thank you to the followers of my blog. After getting “stage fright” to write, it is so beautiful to be acknowledged and supported by fellow writers. I will forever be grateful for your support. I hope I can continue to give you content and posts that inspire and uplift you. Thank you for the light and I’m glad to have your love and support. Again my sincerest thank you.



Live in the sunlight and have a delightful life.

To my heart…


You are amazing. I thank God everyday I am allowed to be your mother. Nothing I ever did in my life prior to your existence ever made me qualified or worth of having this title. Yet here we are, you needing me and me needing you. You are not just a muse or an inspiration. You are so much more. The moment I saw you, you had my soul. I love you with every part of my being. My heart is not big enough to house this love. My soul is limitless reaching beyond the universe and you emcompass every part of it.

Thank you for loving me. From the moment I held you I knew my goal in this life is to never break your trust and I never will. I will push and pull you to do things you don’t want to do. There may be tears, maybe some fighting. But I will always do everything in my power to protect your soul. Its the part of you that will guide you and you need to trust it. Until you are ready to be it’s keeper, I will be. I am not perfect and even in your young age you wholly accept me and hope that never changes. Thank you for teaching me as I teach you. I love you, BOO BA, until the day I die and beyond. From Mommy aka MA MA.



Live in the sunlight and have a delightful life

Peace is earned, not given



Small emotional victories remind me I’m moving my heart in the right direction towards peace. Most of my recent medical and hospital encounters have been a bit difficult to deal with to a certain extent. But after looking inward, I realized a sizable portion of my issues were based in my fear. I had gotten my feelings hurt so many times and decided to go on the offense. Sometimes, fear can be a good momentary motivator towards better treatment on certain occasions, but never long term. So, I started changing my attitude. I started reading more. I started writing more. But by far, growing plants and vegetables changed my attitude the most. I live in an apartment and indoor gardening has become a wonderful therapeutic hobby. My basil, mint, thyme, dill, and cilantro are wonderful, and it’s nothing better than making homemade marinara sauce,  pickles, or adding homegrown herbs to a salad. YUMMY! I mean so good, like WOW!

Growing plants and especially food has taught me the value of patience and focus. I’ve always wanted to be self reliant and not solely dependent on grocery stores. So over the last few years I learned how to grow food, make preserves, jerky, dehydrated food, and butter. It has been amazing! While learning and seeing my results, I started to earn my confidence back. Yes, earn! When people get hurt, they have a tendency to lose trust in others, but they lose the most trust in themselves. They second guess their ability to discern who they allow in their lives and if they are making good decisions. I was no different, I’ve had to prove to myself I was trustworthy and the only way that happened is when I worked and earned it. Learning to trust yourself is, in some ways, harder then learning to trust others. You have to forgive yourself and you can’t lie to yourself if you make bad choices. Humanity is such a complicated experience. As I’ve gotten older and gained wisdom, I began to understand why enlightenment is the aspiration of so many people. Enlightenment requires work, the kind of work that is not taught in many western religions, in my opinion.  I had to relearn how to be disciplined and confident. But being confident in my homemaker abilities made me realized I was still in a major state of fear in other areas of my life.

Writing, as well as gardening, gave me an outlet to practice how to be the person I wanted to be. Happy, funny, peaceful, forgiving and positive. I am learning to enjoy my life again.  So recently when my doctor’s office cancelled my appointment I took a deep breathe and said it’s ok. She called me back to say that my appointment was moved from June to April. This experience made me realized in a small way I am going in the right direction. Bad things happen and I will be ok in spite of them. When I was a child my mother would say “you will be ok, in spite of me” and I’ve adopted this with a alight modification: I will be ok, in spite of myself and circumstances. I don’t need to wallow or punish myself. This world is filled with constant fear mongers, predators, and other terrible things. Some things must be dealt with and others can be ignored. But my mind and heart will remain at peace in spite of my circumstance. I like to believe God has entrusted me with being the keeper and nurturer of my soul, and I always work to make sure fear is not allowed the reside within that scared place.

What positive experiences have you had in your life that made stop and say “thank you”? Please like, share, comment, and follow.



Let the sunshine in and live a delightful life.