Book Profile: Color Me Calm

color-calm_0000_layer-3Coloring isn’t just for the young and free anymore, over the last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at a childhood past time of coloring. While taking a break from reading, I wanted to do something to calm my mind until the book I want is available at my local library again.  I have been overwhelmingly happy and “calm”…wink, wink. Color Me Calm: A Zen Coloring Book is the coloring book for adults.color-calm_0001_layer-1 As children we are encouraged and at times forced to exercise our creative mind but as we get older life can get in the way with jobs, family, and other responsibilities pushing those activities away. Many times children are no longer practicing any artful activities by age 12. Over the last few weeks my family and I have relocated and during that time I’ve started a few DIY home projects to save money and I’ve completely fallen in love with the creative world again, not as an observer but a contributor. I’ve found a new vigor and Color Me Calm allows me to exercise my creative muscle even when I’m not heavily involved in a home or fashion project. I highly recommend spending the $12 and investing in a few colored pencils, this will change your life for the better. I purchased mine from Joann’s Fabrics, however you can find it many major book retailers and online stores.





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