Scars & Filters


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Some days are difficult and yet I have grown to love and accept myself. However, I have days when I look at myself in the mirror and I can see the battle scars from the years of emotional and mental battles that have taken there toll. I see them in my eyes, skin, hands, legs, and entire body. My health conditions have not done me any favors when it comes to repairing myself and my longer battles have created deeper, permanent reminders of my journey.

When I look in the mirror there are no filters. There is no hiding from my life story, it is written all over my body and mind. From my many surgical scars, weight gain, stretch marks, tiredness, depression, as well as other setbacks, however I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t “filter” my life away, slowly removing the blemishes and hiding the scars while telling the world I’m a ashamed of my life and by proxy myself. There is no filter for this life and I shouldn’t falsify myself to be included in the faux game of life.

I am beautiful, not in spite of my scars but because of them. Everyone has a journey and those journeys should be celebrated not diminished. We are all products of hard work, love, pain, and happiness. Devaluing the pain can only lead to overvaluing the good and that balance can never be sustained. We aren’t meant to live in our struggles and we aren’t meant to hid them. The beauty of a storm is being able to grow, change, and later enjoy the sunlight after the rain.



Live in the sunshine and have a delightful life



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