Ramen De Jour

Ramen1The favorite of college students and just about anyone with a microwave. Ramen is the Japanese noodle soup that has become an American food staple. The last few years have finally brought these two cultures of food together. The noodle may have been created by the Chinese but their coastal neighbors have perfected and elevated the noodle to a heavenly status. In today’s world of short attention spans, Ramen is making a cultural comeback in the States and gaining popularity outside of the 15 cent cartons in the local supermarket. It appears people are craving more than something quick; they are valuing the history and love of  true food artistry. Throughout major cities across the United States food trucks, pop up ramenbltstores, and restaurants are serving traditional and hybrid versions of Ramen. While at the same time reminding us of what true American cuisine can be; which is the fusion of different cultures and tastes that push the boundaries and rules out of the cookbook.



Live life in the sunshine and have a delightful life


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