For the dreamers…

I am a dreamer. At a young age, I realized this world is made for dreamers. When I look at the beautiful sky, breathtaking rolling hills, and vast waterways which emcompass this planet I am always overwhelmed with joy and brought back to my soul. Unfortunately, I am well aware people can simultaneously uplift and destroy the optimism and hope which comes from being a dreamer. The beauty of this world is the diversity of people and personalities; and as writers we must continue to hold on to our dreams. While it is seducative to believe sameness and stagnation is safe, it also can be dangerous and counterintuitive to our souls. Always look to the sky and if you can’t see it, look to the hills. Never stop dreaming, love yourself, live with an open heart and always allow your soul to be free.



Live in the sunshine and have a delightful life.


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